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Email is by far the most popular feature on the internet. Not everyone browses, and certainly most people have never even heard of newsgroups, but everyone, and I mean everyone, has used email.

This is the king of internet features. This is the most used communication path that there is. Literally billions of email messages cross over the internet every single day. Most users get dozens of emails per day, and some (like me) get hundreds.

There are dozens of email clients on the market. Quite frankly, it really doesn't matter which one you use. Except for a few features they are pretty much the same as long as you stick with the better known clients.

If you are concerned about privacy you will want to look at Pretty Good Privacy, which is quickly becoming the standard for email encryption.

Web email offers a nice alternative to using an email client.  SPAM is a constant danger, but have no fear there are steps you can take to gain control over this nasty stuff.

Keep your eyes open for internet scams and fraud. It's all over the place, and if you are not careful you could get burned.

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